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Ensuring The Assets You Deserve In High-Asset Divorce

Divorce will dramatically affect any person’s financial outlook. For individuals who have substantial assets, divorce will have its own special challenges. Specifically, dividing marital property can be very challenging, particularly when one or both spouses own a small business or professional practice. Your attorney must be equipped to confront these issues head on while creating effective strategies to accomplish your long-term goals.

At Lise S. Kaplan, LLC, in Macon, Georgia, we represent business owners, professionals, their spouses and others who have much at stake in a divorce. With more than 30 years of legal experience focused exclusively on divorce and family law matters, attorney Lise S. Kaplan is equipped to meet your needs.

Managing Complex Property Division Matters

One of the first steps in a divorce between individuals with substantial assets and high net worth is to determine the value of the marital estate. When one spouse owns a business, it may be necessary to hire an expert to establish the value of the business. Spouses may have a dramatically different opinion of the value of marital assets. Until the parties can reach agreement, it will be difficult to move forward. As a skilled negotiator, Ms. Kaplan will be ready to protect your interests.

In high-asset divorces, there may be multiple properties at issue. Furthermore, the way property is divided and how this is structured can have significant tax consequences. Your lawyer must be able to help you develop a plan that mitigates any potential tax liability. In some situations, it may also be helpful to hire a tax expert.

In addition, if one spouse had significant assets prior to marriage, the parties may have entered into a prenuptial agreement. This prenuptial agreement must be closely analyzed to determine whether it is enforceable. For these and other reasons, your lawyer must be an effective negotiator and litigator. Ms. Lise S. Kaplan can deliver in all forums and will work tirelessly to implement the best course of action in your divorce.

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