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Delivering Family Law Solutions In Middle Georgia Since 1991

A Reliable Ally During Trying Times

Divorce can create a major life disruption in your life. It impacts the time you spend with your children, your finances, where you live and in some cases your work schedule. With so much at stake, it is important to work with a lawyer who is invested in your divorce — and your life after divorce — as much as you are.

For years, people in Macon and throughout Middle Georgia have placed their trust in Lise S. Kaplan, LLC. She has dedicated her career — more than 25 years — to representing clients and helping them navigate a divorce and the difficult decisions that come with it.

Our firm has established a reputation for providing legal counsel to meet each client’s unique needs.

A Family Law Attorney Who Cares About Her Clients

Helping Clients Reach Desired Outcomes

While the issues our clients face are often complex, our approach is simple. We use our experience and knowledge to give clients the best opportunity to accomplish their objectives. We take the time to help each client identify and prioritize goals so we can create legal strategies that are designed to achieve their desired outcomes.

We focus on putting you in the best possible situation following your divorce. We also often assist clients with issues that occur long after a divorce is final, such as relocating with a child, modifying existing orders or enforcing orders.

With You Every Step Of The Way

Attorney Lise S. Kaplan helps her clients reach the best possible outcome in all aspects of divorce with as little stress as possible. Often, she is able to help clients reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation when litigation seemed inevitable. If necessary, she is always prepared to advocate for her clients in court to protect their rights.