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A Reliable And Experienced Ally In Family Law Matters

Practicing family law requires understanding, compassion, empathy, experience and assertiveness. For more than 30 years, Lise S. Kaplan, LLC, in Macon has guided hundreds of clients throughout Middle Georgia in dealing with a variety of family law matters such as divorce, child custody, fathers’ rights, child support, grandparent’s rights, mediation and trial.

As an attorney who was born and raised in Macon, Ms. Kaplan knows the community, the people and their values. She is devoted to her clients and seeks the best resolution possible for them, as well as making a positive impact on people’s lives. Ms. Kaplan’s practice is focused exclusively on family law, so she has knowledge of the dynamics and intricacies of your case. In having her handle your case, you gain her knowledge and experience.

A Personalized Approach With Legal Strategy

Ms. Kaplan and her team provide a personalized approach when working with all clients. Each case is unique, so each client gets the attention he or she deserves. She will listen to you, explain what may likely happen and pursue a solid legal strategy.

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Ms. Kaplan understands the sensitive nature of family law. She knows that you may be going through difficult times and need a guiding hand. She can provide effective and informative insight into issues that include:

In Ms. Kaplan, you get a caring, conscientious and solid advocate who will stand up for your rights in pursuing the results that you want. She will fight for you from the beginning.

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Family law is our focus, and we do it very well. With more than 30 years of experience, Lise S. Kaplan, LLC, in Macon, Georgia, has the knowledge, compassion, understanding and assertiveness to represent you in cases related to divorce, child custody/visitation and other family law matters. Schedule an appointment with her now by filling out this online form or calling 478-207-5124.