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How to establish good co-parenting after a contested divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Divorce

The aftermath of a contested divorce in Georgia can be difficult. This may especially be the case when the divorce involves children.

However, it may be possible to establish a respectful co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse. Doing this should benefit your children greatly.

Follow court orders

Follow the decisions the judge made about your divorce and custody arrangements. If you want changes or appeals, pursue them through official channels. Avoid taking any matters into your own hands.

Set reasonable expectations

Everyone’s definition of a “respectful” co-parenting relationship may differ. Make sure your expectations are reasonable, especially for the period right after divorce proceedings. Emotions and stresses may be higher then for both sides. Treat your ex-partner with dignity and courtesy, even when emotions run high. Avoid speaking negatively about each other in front of the children and refrain from confrontational behavior.

Prioritize the children

Children make up 23% of the population in Georgia. When it comes to your children, keep their best interests at the forefront of your co-parenting efforts. Focus on creating a stable and nurturing environment for them, free from conflict and animosity. Encourage a positive relationship between the children and both parents, fostering a sense of security and love.

Set boundaries

Clearly define roles and responsibilities, including visitation schedules, financial obligations and disciplinary guidelines. Follow the parenting plan per court orders. Respect each other’s boundaries and avoid overstepping or undermining each other’s authority.

Be flexible

Do try to be flexible, as unexpected situations may arise. Be willing to accommodate changes to the visitation schedule or parenting arrangements when necessary. Flexibility benefits both parents and children in the long run.

Communicate effectively

If face-to-face interactions are difficult, use tools such as email, text messages, co-parenting apps or third parties. Clear and open communication, regardless of the medium, is important for successful co-parenting. Communicate concerns respectfully, and abide by the communication boundaries set.

Seek support

Co-parenting after a contested divorce can be hard emotionally. Lean on friends, family members or support groups who can offer guidance and encouragement.

A focus on cooperation rather than conflict can go a long way. After divorce, co-parents may be able to create a supportive environment for their children.