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Does co-parenting after divorce work for your family?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2023 | Divorce

Co-parenting has become a popular approach to parenting after divorce. However, not every divorced couple suits co-parenting, and many can benefit from trying other parenting styles as well.

When going through a divorce, you should carefully evaluate if the co-parenting path is right for your family.


In co-parenting families, parents collaborate in raising their children, even after divorce. This arrangement is good for children and parents alike. Research suggests that co-parenting can help prevent depression and anxiety in children.

Co-parenting emphasizes open communication and joint decision-making. This can provide a sense of continuity for families amid a major life change. You can also model respectful conflict resolution for your children. When parents engage in open conversation and compromise, children witness how to manage disagreements. This exposure equips children with valuable life skills, fostering a healthier approach to interpersonal relationships.

Co-parenting is most effective when parents can put aside personal conflicts and communicate respectfully. However, experts caution against co-parenting in cases that involve abuse or personal strife.


Parallel parenting

Co-parenting does not work for all families. In high-conflict situations, parallel parenting can help establish a more stable environment for the children. Parallel parenting minimizes direct interaction between parents. Instead, each parent handles important decisions during their designated time with the children. Communication often occurs in written form, reducing the potential for conflict. Also, parents can create written plans to help avoid disputes before they arise.

Choosing an appropriate parenting style can enable your family to thrive after divorce. It is helpful to explore popular models to see what works best for your family.