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How different financial professionals help you navigate divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Divorce

Once you set emotions aside, the hardest part of your Georgia divorce might involve figuring out how to divide up any shared assets and debts and how to maintain a lifestyle, post-divorce, that is similar to the one you have now. Many people with similar goals choose to hire one or more types of financial professionals to help them along the way, with different professionals offering different services and benefits.

According to Kiplinger, the following are some of the financial professionals who might be able to help you set yourself up for financial success and stability after a divorce.

Certified Public Accountants

Divorcing your spouse has notable tax implications. A CPA’s job is to help you plan for these inevitable tax changes. Some CPAs may also undergo training to make them forensic accountants. Forensic accountants may be able to help with additional efforts, such as finding hidden income or assets your ex may not want you to know about.

Certified Financial Planners

As the name implies, the role of a CFP involves helping you put plans in place for your financial future. This might include helping you with retirement planning, investment planning and similar measures.

Business valuators

Not everybody navigating divorce needs a business valuator. However, if you have a family business and you and your ex both have a stake in it, or if your ex owns his or her own business, this type of professional may help you figure out its value and facilitate related negotiations.

The stakes are high when you split from your spouse, and you only have one chance to do things right. Hiring financial professionals to help may help you avoid mistakes that could otherwise hurt you in the long run.