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Divorce and your child’s future

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Divorce

The future of your children is in the balance when it comes to divorce. The work you do during the process should have lasting consequences for your family.

You are likely to have to make decisions on a variety of subjects. This article will look at three of the most commonly relevant when it comes to children.

Child custody

Child custody in Georgia has two main aspects: physical custody and legal custody. If you have physical custody, your children would live with you. If you have legal custody, then you would be able to make important decisions that affect your child’s future.

It is entirely possible that you could share some of these responsibilities with your former spouse. For example, you might want both parents to be able to make certain types of important decisions.

Child support

Child support is a type of monetary support that could help you provide for your children. Similar to other aspects of your divorce, your child support would become an official obligation once the process of ending your marriage is over.

Asset division

Dividing your assets is also likely to have an impact on the standard of living that your children could achieve. Among other factors, the court could consider the future needs of each parent when dividing property. Since you do not have to divide every single asset equally, some couples agree to divide assets in such a way that the spouse with the most physical custody gets the assets that make raising a family the easiest.

Again, this is a multifactor process. The goal of the court is to help create an equitable outcome. If you are able to present a fair agreement together with your spouse, it is possible that the court will support your decisions.