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Is joint custody beneficial?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Divorce

When going through a divorce, couples will likely spend a good amount of time deciding what option to go for regarding child custody.

Different options suit each family in different but equally beneficial ways. Joint custody is but one of many options, but it may have benefits.

Benefits for the parents

Psychology Today discusses the benefits of joint custody. They benefit both the children of divorce as well as the parents.

Regarding parents, it allows both parents to keep their access to their child, and involvement in their child’s life. They can prevent alienation or separation and grow a healthy relationship into their child’s adulthood. They can go through post-divorce life without regrets, knowing they can still be present for all of their child’s important milestones.

Benefits for the children

And for children, they reap the benefit of having the support of a two-parent household even if their parents no longer live together. On top of that, studies focused on the impact of joint custody have revealed that children of joint custody have healthier coping mechanisms and fewer troubles with forming healthy bonds later in life.

When joint custody does not work

Of course, joint custody is not a good option for everyone. For example, if one parent faces accusations of neglect or abuse, they should not have access to their child until the court case completes. Parents who are physically absent, such as those serving in active duty military or incarcerated individuals, may also not be able to partake in a joint custody arrangement.

It is possible to change arrangements if they are not working out, so parents can find what works best for them in due time.