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4 reasons to choose divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Divorce

The thought of divorce can be incredibly daunting. You’re imagining the drawn-out court battles, the financial burdens and the stress it will have on you, but also your kids. As you and your ex-spouse consider all the options for your divorce, you might find that a traditional divorce is not for you. Instead, you might want to try mediation.

A mediated divorce offers an alternative method to divorce, one that minimizes all the usual worries about cost, stress and court appearances. Consider the following benefits to mediation before making your decision about how to proceed with your divorce.

#1 – Saves you time

Many people know that the divorce process can drag on for months, even over a year. You may have to wait weeks for available court dates, stretching the divorce on for much longer than you want.

Mediation can cut down on a lot of the time. With this method, you will work directly with a mediator and your ex-spouse and won’t have to wait for the court before making decisions. A quicker divorce offers a less stressful experience and allows you to start a new chapter much faster.

#2 – Saves you money

Divorce is expensive. From attorney costs to court fees, divorce can put a significant dent in your bank account. In order to protect your finances, mediation might be the way to go.

Since mediation takes less time than a litigated divorce, you won’t have to pay as much for an attorney or mediator. You can resolve your issues with your ex-spouse faster and move onto the next part of your life without feeling financially insecure.

#3 – Gives you more control

In a traditional divorce, many decisions are up to the court to make for you, such as arranging for child custody, alimony, and property division. However, with mediation, you have a voice in making these choices.

The mediator will work with you and your ex-spouse more closely, so you have a chance to ask for what you want. They can also offer creative solutions to problems, leading to better compromises and satisfaction from both parties.

#4 – Maintains your privacy

No one wants their secrets aired to the public. Even if you and your ex-spouse are divorcing on more amicable terms, a divorce can bring up information you wouldn’t want anyone to know. Court appearances are public record, but mediation is private between you, the mediator and your ex-spouse.

Choose what’s best for you

Going through a divorce will always be stressful, but with mediation, you can reduce some of the anxiety you’re facing. If you and your ex-spouse are still in the early stages of completing your divorce, mediation might be a good option.

Talk with an experienced divorce attorney to find out if mediation is the right choice for you.