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How can mediators help a divorcing couple?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Divorce

Couples going through divorce have numerous hurdles to overcome. However, one hurdle that many couples could potentially set aside involves litigation.

Not every couple has to or needs to take their case to court. Instead, many might benefit from mediation instead. But what exactly does mediation do?

Are mediators relationship counselors?

Forbes discusses some alternative methods to traditional litigation with divorce, including mediation. In mediation, a mediator will essentially help a couple come to a compromise they can both agree on, allowing them to complete the terms of their divorce together without court intervention.

Some people mistakenly believe that mediators exist as relationship counselors, or that they want to help couples stay together. This is not true. The sole job of a mediator is to guide couples toward an agreeable divorce plan.

Likewise, some people think they can simply leave all matters in the hands of the mediator. However, mediators have no legal power. They are not a judge or an arbitrator, and they cannot hand down decisions that couples must then abide by.

What do mediators actually do?

The couple does the bulk of the actual work. The mediator will facilitate discussions and ensure that any potential arguments do not get out of hand. They may also step in and help ensure that both parties have an equal amount of time to talk.

They may suggest things and voice their opinion at times, too. This is highly valuable due to the fact that they have a neutral, third-party point of view. Together, these are the things that a mediator can do for a divorcing couple.