Contempt Of Court

Change is inevitable. People are transferred by employers, lose their jobs or become ill and cannot work. Sometimes, such people just choose to ignore a judge's prior order to provide support to their children or former spouse.

My Ex-Spouse Is Not Following The Divorce Decree — What Can I Do?

In this situation, your ex-spouse is in "contempt" of a court order that is binding upon him or her. If your former spouse has had a change in life that prevents him or her from fulfilling the obligations under the order, he or she should have gone back to court to ask for a modification of the existing order.

You have options for enforcing the court's order for support or any other term of the divorce being violated. You can go back to the court that issued your divorce order and file a contempt action. A contempt action is filed to ask the court to require your ex-spouse to obey the terms of the previous court order.

In support matters, you may be able to have your ex-spouse's wages garnished for the amount of the overdue payments. You can also request that going forward, payments be deducted from his or her wages each pay date.

Our Lawyer Can Help You When You Need To Return To Court

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